Abusing Emoji in Windows

Inspired by this post by Zach Holman, let's see what Windows 10 will allow us to use emoji for. First... some history Unicode Most computer systems »

View compilation in ASP.NET 5 with the RazorPreCompileModule

In MVC versions up to and include version 5, you could compile your Razor views by adding the <MvcBuildViews> attribute in the csproj file. »

Unit Testing Entity Framework 7 with the In Memory Data Store

Entity Framework 7 includes a new InMemory store which is fantastic for unit testing. No more mocking DbContext or doing other dumb things! Here's how Start »

Programmers and sleep

For most programmers, sleep is an afterthought. It gets in the way of coding. Of inspiration. Of progress. But sleep is an important part of your »

The SOLID design principles applied to an actual Swiss Army Knife

The term swiss army knife is thrown around a lot when discussing the SOLID principles. Dave, that class looks like a swiss army knife. We need »

The Internet, text encodings and making an ass out of you and me

HTML, by it's design, is incredibly liberal in what it accepts. Which is kind of cool, but sometimes it's definitely not and it bites you. And »

Migrating from Wordpress to Ghost: 301'ing some urls

I just migrated from Wordpress to Ghost, for probably the same reason as most people - I got tired of the mass of crazy that Wordpress »

Creating an ASP.NET 5 Class Library with Vim

One of the great things about ASP.NET 5 (aka vNext) is that there is no longer a reliance on Visual Studio. I definitely think VS »

Explaining the ASP.NET 5 Configuration Framework

ASP.NET 5 (aka vNext) has a new configuration system which is designed to be lightweight and to work everywhere. This means no more web.config »

What is an Assembly Neutral Interface and why do we need it?

If you’ve spent any time browsing the source of ASP.NET 5 (aka vNext), you’ve surely seen the [AssemblyNeutral] attribute floating around. What in »